Tuesday, April 8

NEW template!

when i saw this i thought it was so cute so i wanted to incorporate it on my blog. hope you all like it!

hi nat! it's nice to hear from you after... hmm! months of no call? i know you're busy. well, it's no obvious you would know what i've been up to. hope things work out for you. i sure felt an overwhelming vibe just reading your blog. yeah, maybe you do need some time off before you go out of your mind. bahamas... wow! i can only wish. no time for those types of vacation right now since you already know what's happening in the education field. but still praying for the trip to the philippines this coming oct. we'll talk more later.

well, just thought of doing a quick blog before i work on the video again. i just uploaded the pics on my last blog, so enjoy!

oh btw, although i was tired from work... all that goes away when you come home and

this is what's waiting at your doorstep ====>

whatever happened to the weather? oh well, have a blessed day!

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