Monday, August 25

before school starts...

i've been taking the kids out just about everyday. nothing big just swimming, bowling, golfing, shopping, parties and of course church =)

speaking of shopping... i bought this soft hot pink robe from bath & body last friday and i'm glad i did... it was so worth it for the price - it's so comfy & very spa like kinda softness - you can't even get 'em online anymore (at least the red and pink ones) - the lavender is actually cheaper online & on sale too, i think. thankfully i got the pink one, although i was really hoping to get the red ones, but that i know sold out pretty fast. i did managed to get one for my good friend, marge, for her bday and i'm glad she liked it! happy birth again sis!

taking advantage of the time i have to get things done at home actually feels good coz i get to accomplish a lot. redecorating our bedroom is not done yet and so today i spray painted my table lamps in black and fixed the shades to give it a touch of red to match the rest of the accents. i also had my husband put up my little people (inherited from my brother also)... will take a pic of them so you all know how they look hehehe. i think all it needs is new curtains and i'm glad i have the perfect one for my windows (no need to spend).

it was my son's orientation night @ school today and both my husband and i were able to meet his teacher. apparently, per my daughter who is in 8th grade this yr tells us that her brother's teacher is the most meanest teacher in school. yes, she did look a lil' mean, but i think she's just perfectionist. i do believe tho that my son will need a reasonably strict teacher to boost him up to work harder... so until i don't hear a nasty complaint from my son, i will calm my nerves down and leave everything to the Lord. i've submitted my prayers for my kids' 08-09 school journey and i know that the Lord will guide their ways. so i don't think i need to worry about his teacher =)

tomorrow will be a long day for me again... have to bring the van for service all the way in chicago, take the kids swimming before summer ends (at least for them *wink*), and back to school for me.

so i think i should sign off now to get me enough sleep for tomorrow's blessings - you all have an awesome week and as always, may the Lord's light so shine upon you =) gnite!

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