Thursday, August 21

what we underwent this past few days...

this past few days haven't been the rest time i was thinking i would get, but i'm not complaining coz the kids are having a great time bonding with their cousins.

forgot to mention on my last blog that my lil' one accidentally poked her dad's right eye, which resulted a big cut on his cornea. he was so restless that night and so i was trying to convince him that i will take him to the er, but he resisted. the following day was so hard coz it was as if he was blind. he was so much in pain and couldn't really open his eyes. i fed him, got him ready and was really just guiding his way. i called around to get him an appt with our "new" primary dr, but bcoz the cut was pretty severe, he had to send us to the ophthalmologist which was thankfully right across. during the rush of walking and driving back and forth, i saw my husband's appreciation to me and we both got pretty emotional thinking of those who cannot see. how hard it must be for them and their loved ones. =)

my husband was restrained from working for 4days and he's just going back tomorrow. but during this ordeal, i saw how baby my husband can be. he needed me to be there next to him at all times. it's funny how he gets when i would put his eye drops... yes! i would do his eye drops. i tell him, "what would you do if i'm not around?" then while laughing he says "well, that's the only time i'll force myself to learn, but till then i'm gonna need you." guys can be such babies, i tell yah.

anyway, since he felt a lot better when the dr. put a contact lense on his right eye, we were able to meet up with my friend who lives a few mins away from indiana. of course i had to do all the driving. my friend, tracy, gave us a new stainless steel dish washer since it wasn't the right size for her kitchen and ours was having a problem already. we drove to orland park to eat at ginger asian bistro. how's the food? i'd give it 2 1/2 stars for the price and coz their rice was pretty dry and def not at all cooked well. staff's friendliness & the place is def a 5 star. but it was worth a try... i know my friend, tracy and kim liked it.

before heading back home, we decided to go to my brother's house to pick up his advance bday gift to me... (yep! really advance coz my bday is not till oct, but again no complaints here!) well, sure enough i was thrilled to see what he gave me... it's a deluxe iron gazebo to put in my back yard complete with a cool netting! ahh! i've been wanting one, but thankfully i didn't have to buy it hehehe. however, i told my husband to put it up next year since summer is almost over.

anyway, we went home with a lot of goodies besides my gift. see, my brother's moving to his new condo and he's trying to get rid of his stuff since he wants a totally diff theme for his new place. so obviously, we picked what we wanted, cleaned our room, rearranged it as soon as we got home and fixed my lil' ones bed to make it look more cozy. we even brought the sponge bob tv, vcr & dvd player from the kids' playroom in the basement to give her a space of her own in our bedroom. we were so worried that she might not sleep in her bed and jump back in ours instead, but lo and behold, the plan worked! we can now have our bed back and turn from our sleep anytime we want w/o having to worry about accidentally hitting her while we're asleep. whew!

well, that's how my days have been this week and tomorrow we're hitting the outlet stores and heading to volcano falls afterwards. so nitey nite and hope you all are enjoying your summer while it last. God bless!

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