Wednesday, August 6

is it goodbye?

on my way to work i was getting pretty senti thinking about my last days to drive to my current job. i only have till next week and wow! i guess it's hitting me little by little. i was thinking where would the Lord have me drive to next? hmm, i can only wait =)

i love my job! there's nothing i dislike about it... everyone's been really good to me and i've learned to love each one of them like a fam. today, my boss left to go back home to FL and it's our last day to see him since my co-worker and i will be leaving next week. he came by and gave me a hug and was really appreciative of my performance. we were both pretty sad about it, but hey life goes on. i just wish that all of us here remain in good spirits and somehow still get connected in the near future.

our last lunch together... we ate at the onion pub... always like the food there and the ambiance. again, another moment to cherish. too bad i didn't get to take a pic of everyone together. will def make sure to bring my camera tomorrow till next week to capture my good memories here.

cherishing every moment,

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