Friday, August 8

wow! 11th anni

we're so blessed to have reached this far and are looking forward to growing old together with many more celebrations to come!

well, i know i mentioned before that we planned a weekend getaway. we couldn't really make a reservation till we're absolutely sure that my husband's days off were approved. well, God is so gracious... my husband's boss approved his vacation. nowadays with the lack of man power to cover all the outstanding at&t jobs, it's pretty hard to even get 1 deserving day off. but again, the Lord made it happen for us.

so as for the last min planning... we're off to minnesota! here i come mall of america! hehehe

praying for a good weather both for our trip & for our garage sale.

y'all have an awesome weekend!!! God speed!

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Charisma said...

Oooh! happy 11th anni...enjoy Minnesota......You'll love it there....=) ...its relaxing ...=) ..soo happy that u two are starting to finally leave illinois..lolz

have a safe trip!
God bless and more anni celebrations to come =)

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