Tuesday, August 5

such little time

wow! school is approaching and i still have lots to accomplish this month.

check list:
job hunting
garage sale
celebrate our 11th anni.
camille's registration
job hunting
more dentist & md appts (for the whole fam)
pick up dishwasher
lunch date with a friend @ ginger asian bistro
bday parties
couples only dinner party @ my house
job hunting
magic waters
jonas bros concert
fam vacation
oh! and did i mention job hunting?

Lord willing we will be able to do all this!

noel's finally back from MI. he came much earlier than expected that's why he was able to come with us to our friend's baby shower. so happy for lums & eddie! first baby and you can really see the joy in their faces... another cherub on the way! so exciting =)

always great to see old friends... my gosh! all the kids are so big now =( of course they were all surprised with my daughter, camille. being the ate of all the kids there... she definitely was standing out that time... we're so proud of her. everyone was adoring her simple, modest, and girly style. aww!

such joy to see my friend, odie. we were cracking up the whole time. somethin' about the little things that makes us lol. love her! oh and the guys of course just bonded like there was no tomorrow. everyone wanted to stay, but goodness! the facility mgr was so rude and kicked us out while we were getting ready to take a pic. grrrr!

uh-oh! i know, i haven't loaded any pics.... i've been lazy, sorry =( i won't promise this time, but i'll try my best k. (again) hehehe

need a favor... if you don't mind including in your prayers, our up coming garage sale and our anni this weekend, i would really appreciate it. my husband and i have been sorting our stuff since sunday and today will def be one of those late nights just sorting and cleaning since he's off tomorrow (gotta get us some mcd's iced coffee)!

we planned a weekend getaway for our anni while my loving fam takes over the house and the garage sale. still praying that my husband won't be called for work though =( and hoping for another successful gs this year!

well, that's it for now... blessings to all!

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