Sunday, August 17

Family Outing, not over...

i'm just checkin' emails right now and paying bills =) but thought i'd blog before i sign off.

yesterday and today were again a busy weekend for our family.

noel went to pick up his mom and nieces. we're so happy we have them over for a week. haven't seen them since last yr.

sat: i had to run some errands early in the morning. passed by my friend's house and chatted for a bit... oh! we also passed by some garage sales around her neighborhood, but unfortunately i didn't find one. besides i just remembered that i just did a garage sale myself and i'm not about to add more junk =)

as soon as i got home, we got ready and went to brunswick for arcade and bowling. my mom-in-law had a ball playing, "deal or no deal" hehehe

we then went to church and boy let me tell you! the message was tuned in for me. it was about accepting the necessary endings in your life. when i get a chance to put my notes together, i will share some important keys i've learned from speaker, dr. henry cloud. it sure did turn on some lights in the things i've been struggling to understand lately... esp. with my job loss.

i'm grateful that once again, the Lord prevailed to reveal His ultimate plan for me.

today: we had an awesome day picnicking at the beach and as an added bonus, we had a blast watching the air & water show. we were surprised that my lil' one, yanna (2yrs old), was enjoying the show and wasn't really bothered with the loud noise that thundered the air. since we still have some energy to grab some shake and ice cream, we passed by my brother's new oberweis store in lincolnwood. over stuffed with food @ the picnic and shake/ice cream to end the day... our day was obviously blessed! couldn't ask for more.

thank God for another weekend of many blessings. well, sweet dreams... gnite =)

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