Friday, September 28

Don't leave Char unattended- lolzz

Man Oh Man! -- Im still at work.. Just waiting for the time so I can go home. My boss is not having a good day today. So I can't call and make personal phone calls ( to chat..lolz). But its okay - Im listening to my praise and worship song over here at work.. Thank God for the Crosswalk site and it's not block...Yipppee! Thank you Lord... Well, just reading the blog ---since February 2007 -- As I look back-- we did and accomplished some stuff here huh...God is good!.. Almost 8 months already.. Wow! how time flies huh.... k --- im just jamming here and sort of babbling here while I wait for the time

Well -- as you can see I am just reminiscing here "Our good ol'd days"
Guess what I am eating right now.. I just took a picture of it. ( thanks for the camera phone.lolz) ... here you go
Fresh tomatoes from my co-workers with Tajin ...Yummmy

You gotta try this... It's the best...Okay! I think I can go home now...

Oh btw - if u want to picture me while typing my blog.. Here's my computer ( at work)

and here are the pictures i have on my desk..My kids ( my friends babies, my family and my babies)
-- sorry, camera phone makes the pictures kinda blurry -- but i think you can pretty much tell who's in the pictures. Right..lolz----

K -- i think I can go really really go home now...Im going to my Mama's celebration.. But I still have to pick up my mother dear and my bebes.... k vavooo

Enjoy your weekend!

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