Monday, May 5

Busy Weekend

i'm working from home today coz of a bad pulled-muscle, yesterday, that's now causing me major back pains. i think it's kinda swollen too that's why it's hard to move around. regardless, God's good to me =)

yesterday, we celebrated my mom's birthday. she would've been 66 yrs. old. we attached our messages to her on a balloon and sent it off via God's all powerful air-way.

here's a beautiful shot of the balloon flying towards heaven! (it was amazing seeing it fade out in the clouds) *we're all wishing to see it displayed in her room when we get to heaven someday*
happy birthday mama! we love and miss you soooooo much!

friday: our system was down at work so i left early and went shopping for decorative pillows to replace some of my old ones in the family room and bed set for my daughter's room. my bf, char & i met up for dinner at stir crazy where her sis works. before we went inside we met this filipina lady who apparently was looking for a cab, but didn't have a phone so char went ahead and helped her out while i conversate with her. there was something mysterious about this lady's life (short story she had shared to me), she lives in london and is just here on vacation, but she's alone. she doesn't have a family in london nor here. i truly believe in praying for someone God brings in our lives even for a short time or even if you don't know what's going on in their lives, once you decern the need to pray... do it! it won't hurt, in fact it'll help them, plus you'll be at peace and filled with joy once you obey. remember, there's no coinsidence or accidents... God has a purpose for everything. love the opportunity!

char and i spent hours of reminiscing the good times and laughing at the bad times (laughing coz thank God we were delivered!). always good to have that bonding time with friends =)

sat: we left early to have breakfast at "le peep", my fave bf restaurant in evanston. and of course i don't leave that area without visiting "vogue fabrics". i'm changing the color scheme of our family room to blue, yellow & brown.... ahh! just love it!

too bad they didn't have enough of the fabric i wanted to make my curtains, but thankfully i found just the right one at joann's. had to order another 7 yrds. since again there was not enough to make 5 pannels. will take pics of the finish product.

i'm also changing my daughter's room theme from garden to black & pink paris style room since she's in her teens already she's been asking my husband and i for this. so hopefully we'll be able to finish everything this summer.

after a long day of searching for the right curtains for the fr, camille's room and ayre's room... it was time for them to enjoy. new toys from their aunts & spent an hour playing arcades... thanks to my sistahs!

k, i think it's about time for me to sign off. i'm about to watch my mom's wake while i'm doing my work.

hope your weekend was filled with great memories!
God bless you all!


Charisma said...

ola bru! hope u feel better....awww! that's really sweet...I'm sure Mama is very happy and excited to received her wonderful gift from you guyz. Happy Birthday Mama! We miss you and love you =)

Lovely said...

tanx char! i'm feeling a lil' better, but still aches =(
yeah, i hope she'll like it!

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