Thursday, May 22

our condelences

noel and i went to a viewing of a close friend's sister. her name is connie guiang, 40yrs. old and survived with a husband & 2 kids (8 & 4yrs. old). she died of breast cancer & colon cancer.

it's so heart breaking to see the pain of the loved ones left behind. their family reminded me of my own. they were all very close and were filled with love for one another... not only due to grieving stage, but it has been that way ever since.

my heart sank when it was time for us to leave last night and the family were saying their last goodbye. connie's 2 kids, although very young to really understand, broke down and that just did it for me and noel. how hard it is to leave our children, specially at a young age. oh gosh! that's so hard to bear.

although, i wasn't able to witness to anyone, i truly believe in the power of presence... sometimes, there are just no words to make it all better, but i pray that the Lord's mercy, comfort and grace will just pour out to them and that His presence will be felt amongst them during this hard time.

i'm not sure if connie's a believer, but i do hope she is and i pray for the time that the whole family will come to know Christ and receive Him as their Lord & Savior so that they will all have the assurance of seeing each other in the 2nd life.

friends, once again i ask for your support in praying for this family. our unity in prayer can move mountains and so i thank you so much for coming alongside all the time.

may you all be blessed in Jesus' name!

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