Sunday, May 18

narnia & another challenge

i've been feeling under the weather this past few days. thankfully i didn't have to stay in bed the whole time. i crashed the bed so early friday night while watching narnia (part 1). my hubby was sweet enough to stay with the kids while i rest. the next morning i had the biggest headache, but had to get up to make sure the kids eat their breakfast. not for long my headache went away and finally back on my feet again. i still have a cold and sore throat (w/ a man's voice right now), but all is well.

besides i still managed to watch "narnia: prince of caspian" w/ my hubby. i brought the kids (except yanna, my lil' one) and my sis to see narnia while noel's at work. my other sis & my bro-in-law went to see the movie too. since i don't recommend bringing kids 10 and under to see narnia, i planned to just take yanna, my lil' one to the park, but she fell asleep. went back home but stayed in the car while she gets enough sleep... but noel was already home and joined us in the car. after a while, we stopped by target for some grocery shopping. right when they got home, noel and i left for a short date, really just to watch a movie and eat, but after eating so much popcorn, we were both too full already and we were both suffering from a bad cold so we decided to call it a night.

however, this movie is another thumbs up! better than the 1st one, but both deserves 5 stars. come see it! to echo camille's reaction, you'll be at the edge of your seat the whole time! can't wait to see the 3rd one hehehe (yep! there will be part 3 - camille, an avid fan of narnia went ahead and read the book to see what happens next). so happy i've seen 2 great movies in a row - not a waste at all!

ok, so let me share the next challenge from willow. the challenge is to live the next 1 month of your life as if it were your last days. many use one the the famous quotes, "live life as if it's your last" as their favorite quote, but there are many who just use it, but still waste the real purpose of their lives. today, i had a chance to really think about this challenge and i know that it will be tough. i know i will need a lot of prayers and again, i'm up for what God wants me to learn from this.

but before i go on with the challenge, i would like to update you all with the result of the celebration of hope we did at willow...

remember the limit of consumption challenge (setting aside the money you save from groceries and such) and bringing what you saved as an offering to the celebration of hope people we are currently helping? well the amount of money saved was in total of over $500k.

remember the solidarity challenge i did for a week? there were 15k people who were influenced to take up the challenge and i'm so happy to be a part of it.

and last, but not the least, the packing of meals for the people in zimbabwe: we did over 3 mil meals!

God is so awesome! i was filled with awe just hearing how much people were touched by the love of God and poured their resources and time to share this love to the less fortunate. God deserves all praises and glory! thank you Lord for making us your instrument.

k, back to the next challenge...
would you agree that our lives here on earth are short? wouldn't you like to live an intentional life? i'm sure you all do, but the biggest problem we have is that we are stuck in a someday syndrome.

see Jesus knew when He only had 1 mon. to live... that's why He had the 4 principles in mind.
1) live passionately - (living each day as if it were your last)
2) love completely - (showing others love that transcends & transforms - say it now! show it now! & share it now!)
3) learn humbly - (growing through your problems and pain)
4) leave boldly - (creating a legacy that will impact generations)

these are the principles we need to carry each day of our lives. esp when you know you'll meet your Maker soon, wouldn't you want to make everything right? when i was listening to this msg, i was worried that i might not meet my own expectations... to really live this 4 principles since i know that i do struggle with the "someday syndrome" also, but i pray that the Lord will help me make this happen. He knows my weaknesses that's why to help me each day, i need to surrender and resurrender my life in God's care.

everyday, there are many challenges in life (mainly temptations) we have to go through. God gave each of us the freedom of choice. but with every choice comes the result. now the question is, with every choice you make and as you live your life each day, where do you think you're going after your last breath here on earth? heaven or hell? remember, it is not by good works that you and i are saved, but it is by the grace & mercy of God that He chose to send His son, Christ Jesus to save us, by dying on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven. did it ever occur to you that it should've been us there on the cross and not the One who is completely sinless?

i never really thought about the importance of our destination after death until i was saved. now, every time i hear someone dying or someone who already passed, the first thing i would ask or thought of is, how's their relationship with the Lord? that question became a huge part of my being esp when i experienced the lose of my mom.

i share this challenge with you even if i may not have the chance to get to know you, only because i sincerely love you with the love of the Lord. our paths may not cross here on earth, but i look forward for the time that you and i would finally meet in heaven.

as i type this blog i would like to express my sincere apology to the people i've hurt in any way and offer forgiveness to those who caused me pain. whether the involved people will read this or not, i pray that they will come to know the Lord and by grace, receive God's forgiveness and peace from any bitterness.

and so to you my friends, i leave you with a question and hope that it will stir you to stop wasting precious time, and instead throw yourself into becoming the person God intended you to be.


"Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should." - Psalm 90:12

may we all live for the Lord's glory!

in Christ,

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