Thursday, May 8

video contest

oh goodness! i'm really not the type to join any type of contests, but a good friend of mine who has the same business as i do, submitted my video to a mother's day video contest running this month. winners will be announced next month. yikes!

well, i finally fixed my computer. it was a big mess with dell. they said the problem was my hard drive, but when my bro-in-law checked it for me, he said it was the power supply. so i ordered a 500 gb hard drive from dell since they suggested this was the problem and i ordered a power supply from newegg. i installed the new power supply just the other day and yesterday i come to find out that the hard drive is not even compatible with my desktop. grrrrrrr i wanted to explode in anger yesterday coz dell won't allow even an exchange of a compatible hard drive. so now i'm stuck with a hard drive that i can't even use. thank God i didn't curse nor wished anything bad for the people i spoke with. hehehe i mean, it won't change the situation anyway so why waste my time and energy of doing all that. my anger was just a normal reaction for something so crazy... grrrrrr just thinking about it makes me wanna scream! lolz

k, enough! on a good note, i'm going back to school! i A's my placement test... it was all divine! although i studied, i just know i couldn't have done it without God's help. He was just right beside me the whole time. i mean, it's been a looooong time and most of it left my brain long time ago so really, i was half ready and half not - ha! anyway, i give all the glory to God! you rOck Lord!

i finished 3 curtain panels the other day and wow! i can't believe the difference. it made my family room look bigger. i'm still waiting for the rest of the fabrics i ordered... but while waiting i have enough fabric to reupholster the ottoman.

i've been doing so many things at such a short time that i'm running late in sending my mother's day cards. ayayay! hope it'll make it to the mail at least tomorrow morning. better late than never.

k, gotta go back to work! blessings to you all!

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