Wednesday, May 28

dAddY's CoRNer: for my bebot

i was just browsing for some fun things to do online and i happened to find this. hey, anything to let the whole world know how blessed i am to have my husband.

here goes:

well, let me tell you a short story (if i can summarize it) of how we ended up in each other's arms (naks naman!). well, we went out back in 1992. he loves to write me letters during our dating yrs., esp. when he was bored out of his mind in class (so imagine how many letters i got then - hehehe). my parents were very strict that i had to keep our relationship in secret, however, the truth will always come out, so when they found out... unfortunate things happened. i guess you can say, we moved on. for 2yrs we didn't see each other and in between those yrs, i got pregs. the father of my child left and didn't want to have anything to do with us. so what was i to do, but to stand tall and accept my responsibilities as a single mom. which by the grace of God, worked out well.

one day i bumped-in to an old friend and invited me to a dinner. to my surprise, noel (my husband) was there. i was too shy to really talk to him then, but he never gave up and somehow got my # from a friend.

like other relationships, we had our ups and downs (still do). he has his flaws and i have mine. but again, i truly believe that when you put God in the center of your marriage, He will strengthen you as you put your trust in Him. we both saw the transformation God has done both in our marriage and as a person. we both accepted the Lord as our Savior and it was one of the best things we've ever done in our lives. i don't know what i did to deserve God's blessings, but He knew all along that noel was the one for me. He has blessed me with a great husband and 3 beautiful kids. don't get me wrong, we still have our days of misunderstandings, but we don't see any of them as a reason to break our family. God continues to teach us every day and we know that this marriage is a lifetime journey towards the glory of God.

to my be, thank you for pleasing me almost all the time... hehehe, thank you for being an awesome daddy to our kids esp to camille. if there is one thing i learned from marrying you, it's that God is real and i truly believe that He brought us together to strengthen each other during our time of weakness. i love you and i'm so happy we're going on 11yrs of marriage and 13yrs of being together.

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hey you, come join the tag and give your husband a well deserved tribute! (just follow the directions above!) - kayang kaya mo yan!
can't wait to hear everyone else's love story =)
i celebrate all the couples who really stand their ground through thick & thin. hang in there... God is good!


Charisma said...

lolz.. this is too cute and funny....ha ha ha..Hey! u forgot to put me as a God messenger...lolz j/k..anyways, can't wait to share my story with my hubby.... But before i do this -let me study first then I will call you before I start doing this..ha ha ha.. You know me when it comes to this... I get lost..ha ha ha but this is really cute...he he he

Lovely said...

those links are from the org masterlist so yours won't be there till you add yours. yep! it's exciting!

Mitch said...

You're one of the lucky ones to have a husband like him.

Thanks for participating Lovely. I really appreciate it.

Till next time.

Btw, I have added your on the masterlist already. Please visit my post to grab the updated list once in a while.


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