Friday, May 9

finally done!

thankfully i'm off today and i was able to finish 40 mother's day cards. i had other plans, but i was dragging putting the cards together coz i was watching at the same time. so really, the cards will def be late. ugh!

my husband, noel planned a date with the kids today. i was just gonna stay with my little one, but my sis didn't want to tag along with them so i decided to go instead. we watched "iron man"... oh gosh! i highly recommend this movie. i give it 5 stars! it not only had great graphics & awesome story, but it also has great lessons. come see it!

i received a sad news today. marge's uncle, uncle rey, went to be with the Lord this morning. he was battling cancer for quite some time now. he decided to end his chemo and wished to spend his last days with his children and grandchildren. his wife, tita connie, had to stay here in US to carry the financial burden. imagine how hard it is to be away from your family, plus to not be present at the last breath of a loved one. my heart goes out to the kalaw family. as you read this blog, i kindly ask if you will pls take a few minutes to lift them up in prayer. that the Lord will comfort each one of them in a special way and for all of them to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit bringing them new hope and peace that passes all understanding, that God will send tita connie back to the philippines safely, that all the preparation and other things that comes along with this type of situation be in God's hands so that everything will run smoothly, and most of all that God will be glorified in the midst of this and at the end of it all.

thanks for your continued support! i have a long day tomorrow... nitey nite!
blessings to all!

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