Sunday, May 11


happy happy mom's day to all the moms out there! may the Lord continue to strengthen & guide you all as you take on the job God has blessed us with... remember that this is a lifetime job... it never ends. so whether you feel like you want to be THE PERFECT mom or you're becoming a monster mom... remember that there's not one right way nor there is a secret way to be a good mom. we all choose the best for our kids. there's no comparison needed for in God's eyes we are good enough to receive His unconditional love. remember, we are all God's treasured child. however, there's one sure thing that will help us become the mother God wants us to be and that is to always ask Him for guidance and always listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. but when you get it wrong... admit to it and pick yourself back up and do it again and again until you get it right.

here's the key verse: charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (psalm 31:30)

i'm so tired right now, but i had to log in to do some work... feeling under the weather coz of the many things i needed to take on yesterday and today. i absolutely loved what i did - i wouldn't trade it for anything. so here's a summary...

yesterday morning, as part of project hope's fund drive mission, we delivered flowers to our donators' loving mothers. then we went back home to get ready for church. it was a beautiful and touching message delivered by our only woman teaching pastor, nancy beach. after the service we went straight to the celebration of hope to volunteer 2 1/2 hrs. of packing food for the people in zimbabwe. it was great to see a couple of my girlfriends volunteered there too. i do have some pics to show you, however i'll have to download that some other time. if you're emotional like my sis and i, you'll be crying along with us =) we were a mess just watching the intro and as we were packaging the food. oh goodness! but for all it's worth... the experience was once again a turning point. we met many Christ lovers and that was absolutely rewarding.

today, we woke up early to arrange the flowers at my sis' place and again to meet our deliveries. so really, a lot of driving to do. but seeing the mothers' reactions and focusing on the purpose definitely makes it all worth while.

my kids gave me their hand made mom's day card (late, but always precious), then noel made reservations to jurin. can't believe i stuffed myself. my hubby said it's ok since it's mother's day... so i guess i should agree right? i don't like the feeling though =(

right now, i'm beat - but gotta keep up with work. so i hope you all had an awesome mother's day celebration with your loved ones! you are precious in God's eyes... i salute each one of you =)
thanks to everyone who sent me e-cards and of course to all who texted me - i'm forever grateful for your thoughtfulness! i love you all in Christ Jesus =)

remember, God is good all the time! blessings to all =)

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