Wednesday, July 30

important things to take care of

the other day i made a list of things i need to take care of, a few of them were...

* appts with the doctors and dentist
* cancel my facebook
* send my resume
* gather stuff for the upcoming garage sale and so on!

well let's start with canceling fb... there's so many reasons why i decided to cancel my acct. besides getting a hold of some old friends there, i found more cons than pros. plus i knew from the get that those social networking will just lead me to do or think of things that are not pleasing to the Lord. but i'm human and so i admit that i joined out of peer pressure. but thankfully, the Lord continued to show me things that are apart from Him that are unnecessary and can make life miserable... so yeah, i saw what i really got myself into. now the choice was either for me to follow His ways or to continue to be blinded by this world. well, i choose to follow my Savior... besides, i can live my life in the abundance of God's grace and enjoy my family and friends without having a virtual 2nd life in the cyber world.

yes, without being fully aware of it, i do think that we end up developing a 2nd life in the cyber world that we get hooked on it too much, not that it's so bad that you end up becoming a monster, but as i thought of it... wow! I spend too much time focusing on my virtual life, rather than my offline life. and the 2nd life i was talking about... well i discovered that people end up doing things and sayings things that are not likely them in real life. it's so sad, but i've seen it. so yeah, i'd rather just stick with blogging rather than bombarding myself with too much online work. besides i'm content with the opportunities the Lord has given me with my business as well as the sharings i've done here in my blog so why bring more complicating things in my life right? am i actually making sense to you guys? hehehe

sorry, this is just my opinion - i'm sure there are others who do not have the same belief as i do, but for me, i'd like to make it right with God. i've done my share of mistakes ever since i joined fb... and to avoid it, i gotta do what i gotta do, even if my flesh is telling me, i shouldn't. to tell you the truth, i'm loving my decision. i feel more refresh and i'm enjoying my fb-free life now hehehe

today, my kids and i went to our dentist - thank God it was 2mins away. otherwise my son would've been starving to death just waiting for all of us to finish. i dropped him back home after his was done. i had a deep cleaning done on my right side and i have to come back tomorrow for the other side... it's so hard to eat, but it's ok... i'll loose more weight that way hehehe (i'm such an unhealthy thinker).

well, gotta go! i need to start job hunting again =) gnite!
blessings to all!

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Anonymous said...

Yiikkes! i just got back to from my dentist and wisdom tooth will be taken out next week..Ouchy


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