Tuesday, May 22

Active Weekend

Praise God! Both my hubby and my daughter are healed by our Dear Lord. Saturday morning - woke up at 7AM- got ready---couldn't wait to take Kai out since she's been in the house for a week --- had my Starbucks coffee...Hmmmm -- I tried the Dulce De Leche for the first time and they are actually pretty good. Went to the office with the kids and got to talk to our team and we actually had a good/active morning.. Everyone are excited of what's been going on with their business. Slowly with the help of Our Lord - we are slowly helping them accomplish their dreams. Not only they are making the income but most importantly they get to spend more time with their families which is one their main goal when they started the business.. My hubby, Destiny and I actually went out with them .We went to one of my team son's live band.. http://www.headfirstrocks.com/index.html. They are actually good--veteran..--They played 70's,80,s and some 90's .. lolzzz.. And Connie ( one of my team mate).. She's so crazy and asked me to dance.... Oh my! well for those of you that knows me -- You know that I would do it..ha ha h a.. So yes! i dance.. oh my goodness.. ha ha ha.. ----

Well -- after office -- we had lunch --- Des had her orthodontist monthly check up at Sears ( woodfield)..So, guess what ?? We went shopping? Ayyy! Destiny again ended buying something for herself.. Now, i noticed that she likes to shop.. So, we went shopping to 3 different stores.. lolzz.. Daddy didn't go shopping only the girls..ha ha ha.....Then went home and the two went roller blading while Kai and I just went for a walk.. I have to buy new roller blade for myself.. I dont want to use my old one... Yukk!!! trust me u dont want to hear this story...

he he he.. check out some of our photos especially Kalea's first swing.. She loves it and she kept making sounds and smiling a lot.... My lil Kai is getting so big.. So fast... hayyyyy!!!

k vavvoooskki =)

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