Thursday, May 17


after a long day of work and lots of last minute grocery shopping, i came home with this...

~ my son ayre was so excited to show me his very own lego impersonation of krusty krab restaurant (for those of you who don't know, it's where spongebob work... hehehe).

~ yanna being silly and enjoying her sandwich ice cream =) and after all that mess... i cleaned her up and gave her a bath. i grabbed my camera and here she started posing... she's just so into pictures i tell ya. i don't even have to say anything, she just poses, won't move until she hears or sees the flash.

~ and camille, my eldest, received the highest grade in her class for her science project & being one of the few awarded best young author in her school. (3rd time i may say)

hmm, i think i need to upgrade my camera. ;)
nwayz, although i was tired from work, seeing my kids is like taking a pain killer =) ah! priceless... what more can you ask for? I thank God for guiding my kids especially when I'm not around.

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