Monday, May 14

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day! =) Mine, was sweet and simple and a little bit tiring (not in a bad way =). See, my hubby and my lil one were sick on Friday. I actually went to work late on Friday -- Really I was debating if should go to work or not. 'Coz my hubby was already sick on Thursday night. Running 103.0 fever. Then I think my lil one got it too on Friday.. My oldest daughter called me at work around 2 and asking me to go home already 'coz her dad was getting worse and he couldn't take care of Kalea anymore. I think that was the first time (again after my teenage life) I drove over 75mph at a 45 mph street. I prayed so hard to get me home fast and safe and I stayed on the phone with my daughter telling her what to do. See, God will make a way. And that day my daugther came home early ( half day from school). I dont' know what will happen if she didn't come home right away. My husband had no strenght to even carry Kalea. He couldn't move or even open his eyes anymore. He was having convulsion, Kalea was running 104.0, and Destiny was so scared and didn't know what to do. Thank God and as soon as I got home. I took Kalea right away. And placed wash clothed -cold water on her forehead to get the fever down. Gave her Tylenol right away and fever only went down to 101.0. As soon as I was done with her and she finally went to sleep. I called her doctor and told me to observe her and if fever goes back up again in 2 hours to bring her to ER. After I hung up with her doctor. I went to the other room and take care of my hubby. He was running 105.0 still and he was shaking, talking to himself and couldn't open his eyes anymore. I was really scared but the doctor told me to give him quick bath to get the fever down. So, with the help of Des-- we carried William to the bathroom. Gave him quick shower and YES! Fever went down to 100.0, I cooked soup and gave him medicine, and ever since then he felt better. Thank God! Fever didn't go back up anymore. Around 8PM - when Kalea woke up - her fever went up to 105 again. My heart was pounding really hard. I was so nervous; Des and I got ready and went to ER. I called my mom and told her that I have to leave William at home to just check up on him. William was worried and wanted to come but I told him that it’s better for him to get some rest and I can handle it since Destiny was with me anyways. So, when we got to the hospital. They couldn't find anything wrong why her fever won't go down. She had no cold, no cough. She was eating right and she was still alert. They took a blood test and urine test (catheter). Oh my! I didn't like that I told the nurse to be very careful. They put her to dextrose. Kalea was just hugging me with her tiny arms and looking at me with her teary eyes. If she could just speak- I know that she was in pain. The best thing I can do that moment was to pray for her 'coz I know that she wasn't feeling well. The lab test came back and what they found in her blood test that she has some kind of virus and her urine came back negative. They gave her antibiotic and sent us home. They told me to call her doctor early morning if her fever comes back up. We got home around 1 Am and put Kai to sleep. I couldn't sleep coz I was checking both of them (kalea and my hubby). Just to make sure that their both okay. Around 9AM (Saturday morning). Kai's fever went back up again to 105.0. This time I didn't call anyone anymore -- Des and I just got ready again and went to see her doctor. Her doctor gave us antibiotic to give it to her for 10 days. We all went home around 1PM and thank God once again -- that was it. No more fever --- Yesterday, we just stayed home. My brother and her family was over at my mom's house for mother' s day but I just told them if it's okay for us to just stay home coz I didn't want to take Kalea out and get the rest of the kids and everyone sick. Destiny gave me an Ice Cream cake from Baskin Robbins (hmmmm. yummy) and she made a simple cute card... Whhheeww! So now you know why it was a lil tiring for me... But I thank God for he gave me the extra strength to do all that. Really, I was really tired. I had no sleep at all ... I didn't know what to do. But I know that God was with me the whole time. Thank you Lord!

By the way Ninang Love -- check out the walker u gave me. I am using it now =) .. Thanks again=)

Thanks for reading my mother's day story and enjoy the rest of your lovely day!

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