Thursday, May 3

National Day of Prayer

hello friends and family,

please join me as we unite with others in prayer and as we boldly ask Jesus to open doors, to open hearts and to open our mouths.

remember, no matter where we live, no matter what language we speak, we must pray for those in charge, asking God to provide direction. then we must also work and pray that individuals... one by one... will see their need for Jesus and their dependence on the Lord.

whatever happens to our nation, affects us, no matter what. so please set aside 3 full mins. of your time today and just talk to our Savior, the God of the Universe and submit your requests not only for your well being, but most especially for our nation. we may not always take time to say a little prayer for the government, but this is our time... make use of it.

God has given us an opportunity to serve through the ministry of prayer. for prayer not only honors God but also blesses the people praying and those for whom we pray for.

thank you! together we are God's "prayer warriors".

be blessed =)

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