Sunday, May 27

shop till i drop?

nah! won't happen. everyone gave up except me. what can i do? i'm born to explore my gifts from God and part of them is to shop! for the record though, i looooove bargains.

i started off my day with a good breakfast with my fam. finally the contractors started on our basement today. while noel and i were talking about our plans for the basement, we were able to finish all the donation boxes for project hope. thank God we got that out of the way. actually, right after i finish with my blog i'm gonna start printing the solicitation letters. our home church, willow creek, gave us their blessings and prayed for us last sunday. that felt good!

anyway, i had to run a lot of errands since noel had to stay home with the contractors. i didn't want to leave them there all by themselves. better safe than sorry ;) so i took my girls with me along with my sis and my mom-in-law. we went to the bank, shopped for ayre's drawer, bought new bed sets and while we're at it, we started shopping for clothes... didn't get any clothes for myself, but found some awesome accessories and was able to buy my mom-in-law a couple of cute outfits. camille on the other hand shopped for herself, again. i'm scared she's gonna be a shopaholic like me. tsk tsk tsk she started off too young... yikes! which reminds me, i found myself asking her for my clothes back. she sneaks up in my closet trying to find something to wear. goodness! i can't believe i would ever experience that with my daughter. it started off fun, but now that she's getting so used to it and it seems like i'm not getting my clothes back, i'm beginning not to like it at all. but for all it's worth at least she dresses modestly and that's what's important.

ok, ok... going back... the store didn't have the drawers in stock so we will have to pick it up on saturday. we ate out before we went back home. noel was waiting for me so we can shop for furnishings and materials needed for the basement. we both love shopping for home stuff... he's not a clothing shopper, he's more into home stuff. but the best part of shopping with him is we're never out of jokes. we would laugh the whole way through about silly stuff. i guess i should still be happy even if we don't have that much time to go on a date, moments like this are worth a treasure. we're both grateful we still have our time together even if it's at lowes, menards, hobo and home depot. what matters is we're enjoying each other and what we do. i'm sure once everything's done with the renovation and we don't feel bad leaving our kids with my sis anymore (dunno when that'll happen) then our date nights will resume again. *wink*

well, the shopping isn't over yet... there's more to come and i can't wait till we finally get to enjoy our new theatre/game room.

but before i sign off, thanks for the wonderful response i received from the odb last week. i guess the 3 consecutive odb's really hit the bullseye! please continue to seek the Lord and He will lift you up!

blessing to all! nitey nite =)

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