Tuesday, May 1


So yestereday my hubby and I celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary! Praise God! Seven years goes by so fast. Well, every year before our anniversary approaches we talk about getting some alone time without the kids. But every year we fail to do so, because the kids have been put first (don't get me wrong-that's not a bad thing) BUT, we need to enjoy our relationship and one another first! hehey! People may not always agree with that...but that's ok we've come to terms with it and it works for us. So anyway, we left sunday evening for dinner and checked in for the night (just the two of us) very romantic =) and Monday morning was just so amazing we had the opportunity to start our morning with devotional to give God praise and glory for being our center in our marriage & in our lives. It felt so good to do that together, yes we pray together; but I have to admit not always! And it's not always that we make the time to have devotional time together. I desire for that so much, because I believe God smiles upon a marriage that desires to do so and blesses a man & wife that devotes, reads & studies the word, prays & seeks together. So with much prayer and thought, I approached my hubby and asked him to also pray on the idea that we have"our devotional time" (nightly) since our schedule for mornings would conflict. And yes, he agreed! So please help me pray that we will be consistent.... So afterwards, we had breakfast, then did a little shopping...I didn't find anything =( I don't know, I think I have an old spirit trapped in a young heart (not body) j/k some of these styles for women are just not doing anything for me. I think it's time to stop looking in the junior section. haha K enough about that, so we picked up Matthew from school and just had a beuatiful afternoon with the kiddies, we came home and I whipped up chicken adobo for dinner (fast & easy) and we watched nacho libre, I must say...I thought it was so funny, but that's just me (super corney)! We went to bed & praise God, I rejoice because our "joy comes in the morning" Today is a new day, and I am feeling blessed and looking forward for what the day will bring and especially looking forward to tonights devotional time =)
Thanks for listening/reading!

Well till next time, as Rev. Run would say it..."God is Love"

Blessings! Will type soon!!!

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Charisma said...

awwww!!! happy 7th year anniversary again sistah!.. didn't get to chat with you about this..hmmm -- didn't want to be to nosy so I was waiting for u tell me what u guyz did..lolzz..How swet... That's good that u both had a great time..U both needed it. Yes! you are very right we have to put God where HE belongs. At the absolute center of our marriage. Don't worry sis -- u know that were all here to pray for each other. K -- gotta go.. Nitey chat with u tomorrow..

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