Monday, May 14

a memorable mother's day

sorry, haven't blogged lately. i've been pushing to finish everything for the project HOPE so we can launch it by the end of may. so far so good though, we will have our next meeting next week right after our bible study.

nwayz, thanks to all who remembered me, yesterday. i was overwhelmed with emails, cards and texts. didn't really expect that, but from the bottom of my heart, i thank my Lord for you. =)

also, just wanted to commend char for being a great mom and wife to her fam. thank God we're all blessed with such wonderful families and most esp for being a mom. surely moms do have the biggest tasks in the family... we are all a gift from God and we have a special purpose to fulfill! char, i'm sure will and kai appreciated every second of your hard work as well as des' awesome effort to be the best sister to lil' kai. =) great job mommy char!

so nwayz, i'm sure you are all anticipating to find out how the race went... well honestly, i didn't realize how far 3miles was till yesterday. i believe they re-routed it that's why it seemed longer. regardless, it was great to be a part of such a big event as well as to make little or big difference to all the women who suffered, still suffering and will suffer this tragic disease. shout out to my family, my girlfriends and the kids who made their every step worthwhile. it was great seeing such wonderful people. it was fun and sad at the same time... i commend every one's strength and courage who fought and continuous to fight their battle as well as to the families who i'm sure are affected emotionally, but continuous to be of great encouragement to them.

i lift each one of them in prayer that God, our #1 healer will bring forth comfort and peace in their troubled hearts.

here are some pics c took yesterday:

after the race, my family and i stopped by the buckingham fountain & millennium park, took some pics, too:
and to much anticipation: my hubby, noel, gave us all (my mom-in-law, my 3 sisters & i) an afternoon of pampering... day of spa at heavenly massage. it felt awesome esp with sore legs and feet - what more can you ask for? we did nothing, but have overflowing stories and lots of laughs mixed with tears. it was def a great bonding time for the 5 of us. thanks a lot, bebot! too bad i left the camera inside the van. but i think i have enough pics on this blog so i'm sure more pics of us will just make you cry ... hahaha

thanks to my kids for the shoes and beautiful cards - can't be a mom without my cherubs! i love you ate, kuya and batchoy face!

that's it for now! hope everyone had a blessed mom's day!


Charisma said...

awww! sooo nice..=)--- --- hmmmm -- Daddy Noel is wearing eyeglasses now too huh... I showed the pics to mommy and Des too.. Okay --im gonna go to sleep now.. Can't sleep tho -- I need my whole milk.. Gotta go grocery... Been drinking too much milk here ..lolzz -- k vavoooski

Charisma said...

Oh my gosh!! Sorry ---i just noticed it just right now and i have to make this comment... WHEN DID U START WEARING EARRINGS... LOLZZ.. SEE! BEST FRIEND KNOWS EVERYTHING..HA HA HA... is that a clip on or earring -earring..lolzz.. Very nice HOT MAMA! THERE!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!Looking like a teenager there huh... anyways, just had to say that...very very very very nice.. Can i borrow it..lolzz... That's why I am enjoying Tin-Tin when she's going shopping.. I love her style and I can actually borrow it..lolz.. Except the pants.. No can do talaga.. No matter how i try it on-- It won't fit...bwahhaahah lolzz.. Nitey again!

Lovely said...

yes char! it's an earring.. u're so silly - i told you i started wearing them when i got a perm. i'm used to it now =)

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