Tuesday, May 8

ready for the next chapter in my life

hello all! sorry, it's been quite a ride for me this past month that's why i haven't blogged for quite sometime now. well, i'm back again! wow! i read all the blogs posted since my last one and may i say i definitely admire every one's courage! wouldn't know how to handle them if it was me :) oh! and how i wish my husband is as appreciating as charisma's! don't we all? i'm so crazy! my husband is perfectly fine, although sometime you wish more from each other. that's okay, we're happy with each other - at least i hope? just kidding :)

a round of applause to the 3 of you. i wish i can be that strong, although thankfully i manage to keep my personal life together - i shouldn't complain. except for my work, which is the reason i'm blogging today. i finally gave my resignation 2 weeks ago. AH! what a relief! i'm pursuing my studies in interior decorating - definitely my passion! i know lovely loves that too! it was one of the hardest decision i ever made, but with lots of wonderful mentors (like lovely as one of them) it help me straighten my thoughts and follow my heart. of course i had to consult my husband too and he's 110% with me on this. fortunately, my husband's job can support us for now while i focus on my studies. that's why too - baby - is not an option until i get my feet on the ground.

lots to do i may say, but the good part is that i have my family's full support. otherwise, i won't consider quiting at all.

i'm not so good in giving an advise, but here's one thing i can say - if you don't put your dream in action, it will remain like a puff of cloud in your mind (it will fade eventually). at least by doing something about it, you will know the answer to the question "what if?"

hope that sends a clear message to you all! if not, sorry i tried - i guess i'm the only one who understands my point :(

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Charisma said...

Hi Natalie, wow! --- i am so happy for you.... don't forget to blog and tell us more about it.. Yup! u r totally right about what u said --Really, for the past month - I post my resume to monster. Actually, want to do something different..Something where i don't need to sit down 9 hours a day..lolzz. I am so tired of doing admin work.. lolzz. Lord willing - i actually applied for banquet( something like that).. Something where I can talk to more people =).. I am still praying about it -- where HE really wants to put me. Anywayz, enjoy and good luck!

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