Sunday, June 1

missin' my baby

it's almost 1am and i can't sleep. i just finished IMing w/ my hubby and i began to cry. if i haven't mentioned it to my previous blogs, he's in MI right now. he's been there for almost a week now and he won't be back for another 2wks. this has been the longest time away from him. goodness! i can't believe how hard it is.

you know what's amazing though? every time i feel something, particularly something emotional... the Lord never fails to quickly teach me a lesson. whether the situation has something to do with me or a story i just heard from a radio... the Lord would instantly reveal something to me. like with this experience, as i go through it, i can't help but to think of couples who have no choice, but to have a long distance relationship. say for the cause of employment or something else. wow! must be really hard. i'm already having a hard time dealing with this and to think that my husband will be back (Lord willing) in 2wks! you probably think that i'm nuts hehehe, but hey, i can't help it. i'm missin' my baby =( now i feel like singing "miss you like crazy" by natalie cole... hehehe

okay, if you have experienced or currently experiencing a long distance relationship with your significant other, i want to hear from you... what's it like to you?


Charisma said...

Oh man! ....i feel u bru....It mite not be the same situation as you right now..but I still remember when my dad first left for Saudi Arabia to work.. I think I was only 5 and I remember crying so much. And I thought he was only gonna be gone for few weeks. Didn't know that he was gonna work there and be gone for 3 yrs.. My mom was missing him so much. They had no choice 'coz daddy had to work there. He actually did that ( back and forth) for almost 9 yrs.. man! Noel is prolly going nutz too and missing u guyz so much, home cook, and the kids especially his own bedroom.... K .... talk to you soon..... Gotta get ready now

Lovely said...

thanks char! can you believe his boss asked if he can extend for another week... grrr he called me right away asking if i would be okay with it... i quickly said "of course not!" lolz

thankfully they're ok with it. besides he wants to go home too =)

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