Tuesday, July 22

i'm BaCK!

i had an awesome trip over all. people i've met were all beautiful inside and out. i praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to travel for work even when it sometimes cause for me to miss my loved ones.

the Lord continues to amaze me. i really thought that the trip will just be plain work just like old times, but this was surreal!

1) i had a chance to connect and laugh with my boss - which i totally did not expect.
2) there was this director i talk to 3x a week for the past 2yrs and i just found out during my trip that he's a Christian all is life! we shared our testimonies for 30mins and we were both filled with awe and praises to the Lord. it really brightens my day when i meet fellow believers =)
3) we ate, chat and laugh like old time friends - even my boss had an awesome time in this trip -he usually doesn't hehehe
4) after 5yrs... our family friends picked me up on a friday and gave me a 1day tour of almost everything i would be interested in seeing. well, they sure are right! i had a great time! our jaws started hurting from all the laughing =) although i hoped to have had my fam with me, i sure needed this time.
5) i missed my flight from utah to chicago - i had to wait 7hrs for the next flight otherwise that will be the last for the day. but sure enough the Lord had an awesome plan. i took a 45min. tour of utah since i had a lot of time to spare... but i will have to save the rest of the story for the odb... so make sure to read my next blog!

sunday: although my legs were sore from walking back and forth at the airport, there was a promise i had to keep. we took the kids to the zoo! we thought it would be better to take them to lincoln park instead of brookfield zoo since i wanted them to experience paddle boating. so we did! yanna certainly knows her animals! she was ecstatic seeing "mufasa", "simba", "nala" "pumbaa", "rafiki" & "ed" - if you don't know them, they're the characters in the lion king - too bad we didn't see timon & zazu hehehe

however, she was fascinated to see kerchak, terk & kala... who are they now? um, the gorilla family in tarzan hehehe

okay enough! the kids absolutely enjoyed riding the paddle boat. but goodness graciousness! it was HOT!

well, another weekend outing in store with the fam this weekend! beach, here we come!

y'all have a blessed night!

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Charisma said...

awwww yanna is sooo cute......did u wear life saver for paddle boat...he he he...'Coz I wore one several times..lolz..=) ..... was this C and Ayre's first time too for paddleboat???

k vavooski! nitey..time to watch my show..

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