Sunday, July 6

i'm tired, but all smiles =)

so how was your july 4th celebration? for me, i think i'm all fireworks up. 2 firework shows for 2 days and having to find a good spot for the sake of my kids is enough for me. i'm tired! before we went to st. charles to see the fireworks, i brought the kids to the new brunswick by my sis' place. i love it! so many things to do, very inviting and comfy. after hours of playing, we went to pick up noel to see the fireworks... walked around st. charles and found a good spot after 3 tries. we were suppose to meet with friends, but the crowd was too much to bear that we gave up looking for each other, lolz!

when we got home, i couldn't think of anything else, but bed. however, hubby was thinking of other things to do for our date so i ended up staying up with him and surf the net.

well, i tell yah... we've done so much today for a monthly date. it's 2 thumbs up though! can't wait for next month's... this time, for our 11th anni.

we strolled around lake shore for almost 3hrs. with our awesome quadcycle... had our elotes & mango/cantaloupe ice cream (not a good combo? um, but it was gooood!) oh gosh! cruising with this quadcycle was way too fun! we will definitely bring the kids there in the next few weeks (Lord willing). the view was breathtaking - we laughed our ride away - noel was saying hi to all the filipinos picnicking. we were so close to lake michigan, but had to go back coz we had the day planned.

we were gonna try the new texas de brazil in downtown, but our massage appointment was conflicting, so we decided to go to schaumburg instead. noel's mouth wanted some more, but his stomach failed him... we were stuffed! had to walk it out a lil' bit and off we went for our massage. just the right place to be after a long bike ride. but was it the right place to be after eating? hahaha believe me our stomach was hurting from laughing just thinking of the idea. thank God everything went well...

for our last stop, we went to see hancock. it was different... not bad at all!

well, from the excitement of planning, to every rides and moments together... we certainly had an awesome time. he didn't want to go home! but thinking of the kids made it all worth coming home after all.

we give all the glory to God for again making this weekend as awesome as it can be. we're off to great america next week!!!

till my next blog! God bless us all!

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Charisma said...

awwww!!! i am sooo happy for you guyz...... =) ....

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