Thursday, July 10

worry weary

well, i just received the news i've been dreading to hear today. remember when i mentioned in one of my blogs before that the company i work for is dissolving in a few months? well, the closing has come much earlier than expected. we were given up to aug 15th... wow! was it somewhat a surprise for me? yep! i was really expecting the end of aug or later, but i guess the sale is working out much better than expected!

anyway, like i said to my prayer intercessors earlier, i'm not worried, instead i give the Lord all the glory for He has provided for my family enormously and i know He has something amazing in store for me. however, i do appreciate your time and kindness in squeezing me and my family in your prayers for this coming days... our faith together with our prayers can move mountains and i'm certain that the Lord will be there for me every step of the way. i'm anxious to find out His plans for me!

so thank you all in advance and may you continue to give the Lord all the praises even in the midst of circumstances.

please allow me to share to you today's ODB and may you be blessed!

“Do not worry about your life . . . ” -Matthew 6:25 (NIV)

Some people ask, “Do you think God has time for me? You don’t know how mixed up my life is, how confused it is; the pressures, the tension at home, the business problems, so many things I couldn't possibly tell you about, including the sins in my life that I somehow cannot seem to give up.” Yes, God has time for you. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He had time for a thief who turned to Him and said, “Lord, remember me.” That’s all the record tells us that the thief said, “Lord, remember me.” But what he was really saying was, “I’m unworthy. I’ve broken all the laws. I deserve hell. Just remember me.” And Jesus turned to him in that moment and said, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” - Billy Graham

If I imagine the worst that could go wrong, occasionally I may be correct; but reason tells me that I waste energy when I worry about things that are out of my control. But of course, for many of us its still isn't enough to know we shouldn't worry.

Though I have always prayed, change, circumstances or challenges brings me down on my knees. I’m learning new ways to deepen my relationship with God and to displace worry with trust. I know that if I do worry, they’re not unique or surprising, and I know that worrying will not prevent problems from occurring. The Bible tells many stories of people who faced problems and fears and trusted God to watch over them. Friends, we have the opportunity to live our lives with joy, instead of worry, knowing that God is found in the midst of our challenges.

Remember, life’s greatest treasure is knowing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Yes, you will not always be happy, but when you have Christ in your heart, you will know where to go to find joy & peace especially during trying times.

Instead of burying your heads with worries, take comfort in knowing that God will supply all your needs as you continue to believe! Look forward to what God has in store for you coz God is bigger than our problems. Learn to let go and let God help you handle everything one step at a time.

Have a JOYFUL day!


Charisma said...

Thank God that we have HIM in our lives......Bru, my prayers are with you always...=)

faeryrowan said...

So true! I've always believe that everything happens for a reason, and it's always God's plan to bring us something good or take us to some place better. We just need to keep the faith. =)

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