Wednesday, July 2

*busy day*

thought of blogging before i bury myself with work. i've been so busy these past few days that i end up getting a major headache before i hit the bed. just last night i was so tired that while working on 2 videos, i fell asleep while clicking away... thankfully, i woke up right away before i completely delete all my hard work. whew!

did i ever share to you all about the amazing baptism of my husband 2wks ago? well, it was a day to remember. days before, i could see the excitement from noel. he made sure everything he needs for that day were ready days before the event... and i mean, even his clothes were laid flat on our bedroom chair. anywayz, we had our local photographer, char (my bf), to take a pic of "the moment". but i'm not sure if her short self got in the way hehehe, but she didn't get to take a video of the actual immersion, instead it was when noel and i embraced each other out of joy in receiving this great opportunity to declare his faith & trust in God. 722 people were baptized and i personally praise and thank the Lord for this amazing number! what a foundation we found in Jesus Christ... it's the best decision all of us can ever make. i encourage you to do so =)

besides the 2 videos i'm working on this week, i have another one for next week. it's my first to make a video for just friends. it's not mine, but i guess i should make one too for my girls (another project in line, i guess).

any plans for the holiday? as for mi familia, (Lord willing) we're looking to stay overnight at one of the water park hotels around town since my husband will be working this friday. too bad it's so hard to plan a long trip due to my husband's crazy schedule. but i say it shouldn't stop us from enjoying every moment we get... don't you think? well, besides the short weekend getaway, noel asked me on a whole day date with him this sunday. but of course the week will not be complete without the fellowship at church so he's scheduled to go today and i'm taking the kids with me on sat. looking forward to a wonderful weekend filled with celebration!

have a blessed day... back to work for me!

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