Monday, July 28

weekend bliss

hi all!

i know it's late, but i'm tellin' ya the mcdonald's iced coffee really keeps me up =) do i like stayin' up late? um, only when i don't have work the next day... so tomorrow i'm planning to work from home =) although i lack some sleep, i still love the coffee... yum!

had a great weekend! too bad my husband wasn't with us =(

sat: we went to my grandson's (long story) 8th bday party/block party! happy birth matt! i love block parties - sure was great to celebrate bdays at those events. the kids had a blast. i saw some of my girlfriends (which was always good!), went to church (received an awesome msg about money, power & sex - will share some of the things i learned to my odb), and just went back for more good times! we didn't leave till 11p.

sun: i didn't get to sleep till 2am so yanna and i woke up late. we had a late lunch at my sis' place and went to the new glenview park... wow! although the surroundings were still under construction, the park was awesome! hoping that part of their plan is to have a field house for rent for parties... will def be one of the 1st to rent that place. my whole fam had a great time. we played badminton, basketball, rock climbing, watched a baseball league, enjoyed the playground... i mean the place def has a wow factor!

now to complete the day, we drove 5mins away and strolled to the beautiful town center of the glen. just loved it from the moment we entered this place. i would move there in a heart beat hehehe. an hr & 1/2 drive... def worth it! we ate, hung out and just enjoyed many laughs. if only my husband, my dad, my niece & my sis-in-law were there, we would've been complete already... hopefully next time.

well, that was my weekend, back to work and i'm not one to complain ;)

so sorry i haven't been able to upload some pics - i've been using my laptop and i store my pics on my desktop's ex-hardrive so, will def try to upload sometime this week.

hope you all had and awesome weekend too! God bless!

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