Monday, July 14

weekend thrills

last sat, we bbqed at my sis' place coz it was her birthday. as usual, there were so much food *God is good!* we planned to go to church that afternoon, but yanna and i ended up staying coz she was running a fever. thankfully we can serve and feel the Lord anywhere and anytime =) my husband was on his way to my sis' place after work when he felt some dizziness again. he's been feelin' that way for quite some time now, but was ignoring it till lately it's really been getting worst. so hopefully this wed, he'll be seen already. his symptoms are like vertigo, but hopefully i'm wrong and it's nothing as bad.

anyway, since my husband's off every sunday this month, we've planned some family outings. of course we started it off with our monthly date the other sunday and yesterday was the great america trip.

exhausting, but fun! we love rides! but it was too hard riding all of them esp with little ones. plus our little princess was having a fever, but thank God prayer works! i laid hands on her the night before and of course we prayed on our way there and yep! sure thing... she was find the whole time. she had a great time at the wiggles world. too bad she didn't get to swim, but she enjoyed entertaining the babies with her bubbles.

we met up with friends and celebrated one of my friends' daughter's bday. happy birth to our dearest lexis! everyone had an awesome time... although today i could tell every one's tired... we all just rested, but then again i had school.

we're off to the zoo next sunday, Lord willing. but i'm off to salt lake city on wed morning for business, then late that night i'm flyin' to california. it was a last minute notice from work. i was even looking forward to the picnic we're having this sat, but i guess i won't make it. =( well, as long as i make it back for our trip to the zoo... then i'm fine.

i just got home from class and had to check out some flights right away... wow! nothing below $700... i guess we're not flying when we go to san diego this sept. }:O goodness graciousness!

well, i gotta hit the bed... back to work again tomorrow =)

have a blessed day everyone!

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Charisma said...

oooh! hope Noel feels better....Thank God Yanna's fine... =)
You have safe trip bru...


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