Thursday, July 17

trip to utah & cali

i'm here in my hotel room just waiting for dinner. don't know where this time, but i think this trip is making me gain weight... hehehe but i can get used to this.

i'm so tired tho... long hours since yesterday. i was in utah to meet with some investors for a few hours, then flew to ontario, ca to train our staff. gosh, i had a big headache riding the small plane from utah to cali. too bad i have to go through it again going back home.

nway, i thank the Lord for this trip. i'm having an amazing time. so far yesterday and today's training really went well. i give God the glory for giving me wisdom, knowledge and courage to do this. i couldn't have done it by myself.

tomorrow, i'm meeting up with an old friend... so looking forward to it. too bad i can't get a hold of the others, but hey, it's better than not seeing anyone at all =)

i'm missing my fam, but i make sure i'm on the phone with them before bed time *wink* - must be partying while mom's gone hehehe

well, i guess it's time to go... blog you later =)

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