Saturday, April 28

Alone with God

away from everybody and the busyness of life, it's my 3rd time alone with my Savior. it's a great feeling! i parked my car a couple of times at a park, 1 by my work & the other one by my house and just savor God's word. today when i brought my daughter to her skating i decided to park my car all the way at the end of the parking lot, opened the trunk and sat there while i read and enjoyed the weather. after reading i talked with God and just appreciate the time alone with Him. i believe time alone with God is what we all need in order to internalize our relationship with Him. a time to separate ourselves from everyone and everything and just meditate on God's word. by doing this, it helped me focus on what God really wants me to learn from Him. i saw better view of what He meant word by word. it was peaceful and gratifying. i highly recommend it! i know i have my time at home reading God's word, but it's different when you're outdoors... you get to enjoy the view and the fresh air. you don't need hours and hours of time away from everything coz i know being a mom myself, it's hard to keep away from all our to do list. so, either 15 mins or so... make time for you and God. drive to the nearest park if you have to... it's a moment you will surely appreciate!

c went to her friend's bday party. while ayre, yanna, my hubby, my sis, and i had our afternoon walk. took some pics of some of the few curb appeal ideas i might consider incorporating in our lawn. we're doing some major renovation at the house this summer and it'll be better and easier for my husband if i can break it all down to him ... you know, "my wants" hehehe. Lord willing it'll all be done this summer... at least the major ones.

the kids picked McD for dinner while noel and i enjoyed our mexican food! la magdalena and la hacienda have the best salsa and guacamole! delicioso! k, enough with the food. i'm getting hungry again.

nwayz, it was a great relaxing day today and i absolutely won't trade it for anything else. great weather again tomorrow... church time! woohoo!

nitey nite!

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