Friday, June 27


i took a day off since it's the man of the house's birthday today... so hard to plan anything these days coz of his schedule at work. like today, he's working 2nd shift and we're still unsure what time he'll be coming home. made some late reservations for tonight, but hopefully we won't need to cancel it.

anyway, i did manage to get him something he would really like. i finally got him a basketball system... can't wait for him to open it before he goes to work. i think my boy, ayre and my nephews are more excited to play with it... hehehe

well, today's my best friend, char's birthday celebration at sound bar, although i'm not into clubs i still sure won't make it since it's my hubby's birthday too. anyway, char... wishing you the brightest birthday celebration and God's abundant blessings! i'm sure i'll see you before or on your birthday. love you!

i know i've been slacking with posting pix... so here's some compiled pix of the love of my life!

(great! there's a problem uploading pix right now so here's links to the pix till the site is back up and running)

part I

part II

as an added bonus: here's yanna's version of "omega kawaii cloud" song. i caught her on camera... i was hiding by the office.

blessings to you all!


Ner said...

awww.. cute kid ^^

Charisma said...

"Find the Joy in your LIFE".... Amen! great movie....Must see

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