Wednesday, September 26

traffic jam!

wow! a usual drive of 30-40 mins turned out to be 3hrs. however, what better way to make the most out of this time, but to blast a praise and worship cd! yep! that's what i did. besides finishing my coffee right away, singing at the top of my lungs, saw some damages caused by the quick storm that hit yesterday, cutting the split-ends i found in my hair (ewe!), i had a chance to evaluate each person's way of dealing with traffic.

the results: about 75% of the people i saw were annoyed and frustratedly talking to themselves, undeniably swearing at whomever they're blaming the traffic to. tsk tsk tsk so sad =(

but through it all... on the other side of the road, me, myself and i made the most out of that moment. although i typically don't enjoy sitting in traffic, i had to keep a positive outlook. i know things can come up and ruin my day in a blink of an eye... but as i focus my time in singing praises to the Lord and just talking to Him about everything i had in mind, it helped me realized that it is truly our choice to make the most out of something so irate or uncomfortable. besides, we never really know what could've caused the unexpected circumstances that comes our way... there are many reasons, so why beat myself and waste my energy for it?

however, once i found out what was causing the major traffic jam, i immediately took the chance to pray for the people involved in the fatal accident which also caused some closed roads. i'm not quite sure what really happened but i prayed that God will take over the situation.

so bottom line... instead of ruining your day coz of traffic that is way out of your control or a situation that wears you down... be of good cheer for when we keep our mind on God, God gives us peace of mind.

remember: life is not made by the dreams that we dream but by the choices that we make.

continue to be a blessing!

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