Monday, September 17

God's doorstep

yesterday morning i received a phone call from my sis informing me that ansel went to be with the Lord at 2am yesterday. both tears of joy and sorrow surrounded me as soon as i received the news. joy, because the Lord's timing was amazingly incredible. that out of all people He used my sis and i to witness His loving mercy and grace to the garcia family... and sorrow for i know how hard it is to loose a loved one.

when we are struck by trials and tribulations, many of us try to make sense out of it. however, many of Jesus' teachings don't make sense when viewed from a human point of view.
Jesus' teachings contradicted many of our human understandings. the strong will not always finish first and the rich will not always be powerful. Jesus promised mercy to anyone who believes in Him. He promised that those who mourn the loss of their children would be comforted. i believe this promise with all my heart; as i am constantly reminded of my dearest mama that even though she left this world bedridden, i now picture her walking, talking, and enjoying the place of pure happiness, in the very presence of God. same goes with tatay (my friend's father-in-law), my aunt, and ansel who took advantage of the time they had left to accept the Lord with all their heart... and now are all enjoying the PERFECT PLACE God has prepared for them.

you too have the assurance to enter the kingdom of God if you just repent of your sins and believe that God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sake. when you do... the Lord promises that you will not perish, instead you will have an everlasting life with our Heavenly Father.

i encourage you my friends to enter the doorstep of salvation through faith in Christ. believe me, it's a wonderful feeling and you will never regret it.

"our thoughts and prayers to the garcia family" - may the God of all comfort surround you all during this difficult time.

continue to be blessed!

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