Wednesday, September 26

Kids and their activities

Today was a fun and busy day for me. Thank You Lord for the coffee! =) For some reason --everything was just moving so fast today. I went to drop off my Lil Kai at my mom's house this morning. I went to work then left around 2PM. I went to pick up Destiny and take her to her Orthodontist appointment. She has her workshops today for student council( not at her school but different school in Schaumburg). She's trying to run for either district rep or president. I am so proud and excited for her and the rest of her classmates. There are only 5 of them in her class that are involve in student council. I also got to meet her new teacher. As always-- we were chatting and she wanted to see Kalea too. It's so nice that my sweet daughter invited me in to look around and talk to some of the students and teacher ( at Robert Frost Junior High School). I was gonna say No because I was such in a hurry to do my errands ( Wednesday or Thursday) is my laundry day =) . I know probably to some of you is not a big deal but I've been actually doing this laundry day of mine -lolz for the past 7 years now. I never do my laundry on weekends. Because I try to have my weekend open for ( different things except house chores) lolz. So right after I drop her off - I went home and separated the clothes and did my laundry. I didn't get to finish my laundry 'coz I wanted to go to my mom right away and see Kai. We had dinner at my mom then we went to pick up the kids ( Des and 2 of her classmates Radha and Chloe). I promised their moms that I will take their kids home. But my mother dear and I wanted to go groceries first.. So we went to food 4 less.. The kids was being so goofy and so loud - they were doing their dance inside the store. Guess what? I didn't stop them and I even cheer for them...lolzz... Finally! we were on our way home to drop off Chloe. Oh goodness! I thought we were just dropping her off but Chloe's mom wanted to see Kai too and again -- chat for few minutes ( hey, my dearest mom was enjoying our conversation too lolz). She has her own studio. Here check out her website Next stop- is Radha --- Radha's mom actually been a good friend of me and William. She's been to our office several times and sometimes she would call me if she has to go somewhere and need to drop off Radha. Today she was so cute. She said that she's been busy and one these days she will cook Indian food for me. Lolz.. So sweet... I love waking up every day even if how sleepy or tired I am . I just thank God for another blessed day to be alive. I love seeing Des with her many activities and can't wait for my Lil one to be doing that someday. Yes! It is tiring but the best feeling ever that I feel so bless, proud and humbled to be part of my families activities. Tomorrow will be another day and tomorrow will be Destiny's first day to experience with AWANA. I can't wait to hear her sharing.It's such a great feeling to just be able to study HIS words and share the goodnews to others. We love you Lord! We Praise You Lord! Thank you Lord for being there with us, for guiding us, for listening to us,for directing, for caring, for dying, for loving us. Through you Oh Lord we receive the power to do all things. Praise to your Lord Jesus Christ! Nitey!

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