Saturday, September 15

Celebration in Heaven

did you know that when one sinner repents, God calls for a celebration in heaven? yep! he seeks for shepherds whose desire is to rescue lost sheep. He's not just simply recording transactions or making a mark every time someone gets saved. He so longs for the souls of the lost that he will go out and pursue them. then when the wayward lamb is brought into the fold (once lost and now found), heaven itself is barely big enough to contain His joy. that my friends, shows the seeking heart of our Heavenly Father. why am i saying this? because it was an honor to once again have witnessed God's saving grace to the 5 people my sis and i met last night.
here's the story:
my sis has a co-worker whose father was diagnosed with lung cancer last december. chemo was not helping at all which resulted the cancer to metastasize. he is under home hospice for it has now affected his liver. given 2 mons to live, we were kindly invited to pray for him. his name is ansell. he was so delighted to see us and kept thanking us for praying for him. that experience brought memories of my mom and my friend, alice's father in-law. all suffered from lung cancer, but have joyfully accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

my sis and i felt the pain that grace, the only daughter, and the wife were going through. i saw myself and my siblings in grace's eyes. the desire to make her dad feel comfortable, the tiredness, the longing for hope, the indescribable pain of seeing a loved one suffering from this deadly decease. all i could do last night was to hug her, offer her my friendship and encourage her to look up for hope. if i could just stay last night to listen to her cry of healing, i would've. i can't imagine how hard it is to go through this and be the only child, the only strongest one in the family (at least physically).

however, in spite of this trial in their lives, i know the Lord has a better plan in store for them. that this experience will make them stronger and that the Lord will be glorified in the end. the Holy Spirit has certainly guided our coming in and our going out. we were able to witness not only to ansell, grace, the wife, but also to ansell's 2 sisters. from one question of "how did i know how to pray that way?" to another definitely opened the door for salvation.

after almost 2hrs. of an unforgettable conversation with them, my sis and i felt that the joy of the Lord has entered their household. what more can i ask for? we were in awe and joyfully delighted to once again have been used to get God's message and love across to His lost people. remember, we're only the messenger, but God is the message. and that's an opportunity i cannot pass.

all glory to God!

continue to be blessed!


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