Tuesday, September 11

Life is full of surprises

Just thought of sharing you this.

For the past couple of weeks now – My eldest daughter Destiny have been busy working her project and asking me all this questions. I had no idea why and I didn’t know that she was up to something. And last week – she reminded us about her curriculum night at school. So last night we went to her school – we wanted to bring Kai but it was raining. So we left her at Mama’s house…. So, when we got there. We walked around. We went to her locker, went to check her classrooms, library and visit some of her teachers. But this one classroom was close and she pointed me her project that she did. I couldn’t really see it because it was hanging and like I said the door was close. The only thing I can see was my BIG PICTURE. Oh my gosh! You all know how I am very picky with my picture. So, I was a little disappointed ‘coz we couldn’t get in and I wanted to see the project. So then we just walked around again. Next thing you know we saw the classroom open and Des asked me if I wanted to go back. I said of course! … The project was about “ Who’s your Hero?”…. Hmm, you all know how I am. Even if I wanted to cry – I’ll just joke around instead but really I was just so surprise and happy to know that my daughter feel that way about me. ‘Coz I know that she always look up to her Dad William as her role model especially when it comes to music which I don’t mind at all. Just as long as I know that she loves me and she's happy that I am her mom. _=). But the sweet part of her project was -- what she wrote about me. It was sooo cute and sweet. I didn’t know those silly things I do when I’m with her makes her want to be more like me.lol. She even said and remember when she was in Pre-K that “My mom would participate to all of the events” and up until now she does so many things for my dad and us and how much she support my dad to the business and his work. And I can’t believe that she even put there how we went to the salad master party and It was late at night and I made everything boring to fun. Before we left the classroom – I hugged her and I told her ‘ Awww, this is soo sweet. I didn’t know that Mommy is your Hero. So, we just both laughed. Of course we didn't leave the place without me explaining her that God is our greatest Hero, greatest Love and greatest example. He loved us so much. He died to give us the example of how to Live and He should be our first Hero in our lives. I know that she knew that but I just wanted to explained it to her again. Just like how our Dear Lord would always remind us things. Right

Well, there’s more to it and I can’t write everything here. lolz. Remember, I’m not good when it comes to writing story.lolz…N-ewayz, I will try to post the picture here when she brings it home. We were not allowed to take picture of it yesterday. That’s why. Sorry…

*** Want to know something funny****. When we went to visit Mr.Studabaker (Science teacher). All the parents was there listening about his Globe and the light was off. The most accurate world map is a globe (he said). Like how the planet Earth, ... They showed that the earth was actually a planet moving around the sun.etc…etc…. Long story short – As always, I made a silly comment and said. Man! I do feel it. We are moving…. hahaahahha =)…Destiny laughed so hard…and we quietly left the room right before they turn on the light. lol

I just want to thank our Heavenly Father for the children that brings joy in our lives.

Praises to you Oh Lord!

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