Tuesday, September 18

up all night *priceless*

hey there nat! great to hear from you... we missed you, but we understand your hectic sched. thanks for the kind words... i'll call you later. =)

i'm working from home today. noel and i were up all night watching and talking. it is those moments that we treasure the most. we talked about so many things (trip to the philippines, project hope, the first time we met, childhood memories, friends we haven't seen in a long time, the kids' future, etc.) that we didn't realize it was so late already. but after all that we always go back to the Father. we joined hands and lifted everyone and everything in prayer. we do that every night. it has helped our relationship and our communication grow into (like what noel says) "a great achievement that many couple tries hard to do, but fails."

the Lord can do that... i'm not saying we're a perfect couple, but the Lord continues to transform every area of our being.

look what i found last night! these are the simple things in life i truly treasure.
noel's old letters to me, some are back in 1992 and here's what caught our attention...
isn't that amazing! we didn't see each other for over 2yrs. but now...

let see, let me use noel's own words: "i loved you then (1992), but i'm in-love with you now."

keep the sparks alive! treasure the simple moments and fall in-love over and over again.

have a blessed day!


Charisma said...

Oh man! Praise God!!!! Man! I am getting those ' kilig moments"... I dont know what to say..Im speechless... That's right ' Keep the sparks alive!!!

Charisma said...

Naks! sorry i wasn't finished with my comment earlier.. My boss was here.. that's why... Newayz -- what was i doing in 1992..... Where was I?? Hmmm.. I know that i was around in 1995 when u two got back together..lolz but I was also in the picture back in 1992..hahhahaha.. Oh my gosh!!!! this is soo funny.. and so KILIG.. lolzz..Let me do the math in my head now...HAPPY 15 YEARS TO BOTH OF YOU.LOLZZ..and happy 16 years of friendship.. Sorry had to include myself in this one..hahahhahhaah!

Lovely said...

thanks for the kilig feeling char! nwayz, you had your own little world goin' on those times. n girlie was my bodyguard then hehehehe

it's funny how God planned our lives don't you think? it amazes us everyday how He transformed noel (a man full of pride & one who should've received a plaque for being a playah - u should see his year book - lolz!) to a one-woman man, humble, responsible, a family man and most esp a God fearing man; as well as a person like me (won't go into details about my old life anymore, but for short... someone you could possibly dislike) but now strives to follow the leading of the Lord.

God is just soooooo good y'all!

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