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i'm bloggin' as i watch mtv awards with my fam. but that's not what i'm about to talk about right now. see my title? well, i'm about to share some wonderful stories of how God once again showed me what He can do to the most impossible situation or scenario there is out there. most of us loose hope when the future ahead of us seems too impossible to see any changes, but God is the God of HOPE, He's the God of many chances... the ONLY ONE who can do the possible in the midst of the impossible. allow me to summarize (that's if i can do that... if you know me well, i'm a detail oriented person hehehe) k here we go...

~ friday ~
we went to noel's cousin's wedding after work. it was great seeing the boys together again. it's been a while since i saw them hang out (complete group) and just listening to their old silly adventures made the whole night more fun and complete. btw, couldn't resist joining some friends in the dance floor when dave, my long time friend busted the old skool mixes we would battle with back in the days. too bad my girls weren't with me *wink*

nway, we're so happy for our lil' (or not so little) irene get married to one of the most thoughtful persons i've ever met, jaime. no tears came from both, but as usual my tears always want to be part of the show... what now, you may ask? well, i've heard one of the most beautiful speeches from jaime's half brother. to give you an idea: they just met 3 yrs ago, but jaime made him his best man. it was one of those moments where you just had to be there to feel the true blood brother's love they had for each other. congrats again irene and jaime!

we thank the Lord for always making our paths crossed with someone in need of our Savior. noel and i didn't really expect that God will use that event to lead us to 3 particular people who are in the midst of emotional difficulties. i encouraged noel to follow God's leading and make it known to his friend that he's all ears. while on the other side, i let the holy spirit use me to be a good listener to these 2 wives i was talking to. my heart truly goes out to them... i hope someday they will experience the beauty of a close relationship with God. whatever was said that night, i sure am confident that it has planted a seed in their hearts.

we had another wedding to go to, but couldn't really function well anymore and had some commitment to attend to so we just decided to go to church. i couldn't complain... hearing the message michael fransene shared that night absolutely doubled my faith in God's promises when He said, "my plans are not to harm you, but to prosper you, to give you hope and a future". just like what michael said, there's no one in this world too bad for the Lord to transform. He is the God of many chances, our chance is NOW... invite Jesus Christ to live in your heart and receive Him as the Lord and Savior of your life. there's nothing else more satisfying than having Christ at the center of our life. i pray that you do so.

the best part was my brother, my sis-in-law & my niece were there. camille and my 2 nieces went to elevate (their youth service) and also experienced one of the most powerful testimonies they've ever heard. kristen anderson was their guest speaker. she's the young lady who committed suicide by laying on the train tracks one day out of desperation to end her misery, but after being dragged from this train resulting to loosing her legs, she heard this sweet angelic song, amazing grace. read more about her at ... ever since i heard her story at 90.1 fm (, i've hoped for my kids to hear her testimony, well... what do you know? God really makes a way.

after the service we had a taste for hooters' chicken so... we all headed to hooters and just enjoyed a bunch of calories hehehe with of course a bunch of laughs as well.

let's see... for some reason my body feels so tired today, but still had to go to my husband's side of the family's luncheon in the city. thankfully we went... in spite of the tiredness i feel, again, the Lord brought someone in my path to pray for. apparently, after years of not seeing one of noel's aunt, we didn't know she underwent a series of health problems. one of them was a mild stroke yrs ago... resulting her to loose her energy and other symptoms of heart attacks. i couldn't really concentrate on my food coz i kept looking at her and just wanting to reach out to her. so i forced myself to finish my food and approached her right away. as i listened to her stories, all i could picture was my mama. i couldn't help, but to hold her hand and tears just started running down my face. then the opportunity to pray for her opened. i held both of her hands and just asked her to pray along with me.

the Lord truly inspires me as He continues to bring people of every walks of life in my path. i as His servant am grateful to serve Him in any way He thinks i'm capable of. as for you my friends... you too can experience such a wonderful task as you trust God's leading and as you let the Holy Spirit move through you. remember, you are wonderfully made! take every opportunity presented to you coz you might not have another chance to do so. every moment in life has its reasons ... believe that they are all for God's purposes and glory.

sorry, no pictures this time... i forgot my camera. aurgh! believe me, i'm beating myself for it too!

hope you're continually inspired by the love of God as He reveals His mercy and grace to you and your loved ones.

blessings to you all!
good nite!

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