Saturday, June 21

BucKet list

remember the song i mentioned on my blog for father's day? the "say what you need to say" by john mayer? well, my husband surprised me with the movie "bucket list" where this song is played. listen to it and hope you'll love it too: My Rhapsody Playlist

although it was already pass midnight, we made it a movie night for me and him. wow! we both loved the movie! if you haven't seen it... i encourage you to watch it. just as much as the song already brought a new perspective in our lives, the movie added a better picture of how important it is to live life to the fullest... when i say to the fullest, that includes having your faith in God guide your days & your ways ... instead of the wrong perspective people have when they live life to the fullest.

well, just wanted to share that with you and hope you all will have a blessed weekend!

blog you later =)

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Budget Traveler said...

Hmm..I'll try to get hold of this sounds interesting :)a

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