Sunday, June 15

happy PAPA's day!

i'm getting leg cramps... been out all day and i think coz of the cleaning i did too!

oops! but before anything, just wanted to greet all the cool daddies a happy father's day! and of course to my one and only HEAVENLY FATHER... you rock Lord!

we were so blessed with today's msg., besides the yearly "dad fest" at willow (showcasing different vintage cars, a helicopter & an army jet, with lots of free grilled food at the parking lot) i could see the Holy Spirit stirring every dad's heart along with families who came to celebrate this special day with them. with my husband alone, i felt the sincerity and yearning of his heart to really feel the presence of the Lord yesterday as we held hands and prayed for all the dads. he was especially touched when all of our kids laid their hands on him and his face was filled with awe and thanksgiving. there was also a song that was sang for the first time at willow that really stirred a good conversation in our family... i believe it's called, "say what you need to say". i wish i could find a link to that song so i can post it here... i'll try later tomorrow. but that song really gave us something to think about... that none of us really know what lies ahead and so take every moment you have to say what you need to say, for none of us will ever know if it's our last.

well after the service, the boys went to check out the dadfest while the girls waited for the boys to get our rides hehehe

we met up with my brothers and my dad at thai pavilion II in skokie... rated 5 stars for food and friendly staff. we did enjoy everything about it... plus they served us some great desserts (for free!).

after stuffing ourselves with thai food... we went to see "kung fu panda"... aww! such a cute and funny movie... great way to add more laughs for the day. went home, gave my hubby his gift, gave the kids their bubble bath and had fun sculpting balloons.

and now as i come to the end of my blog for today... it's time to bond with my husband alone. it's funny how we both feel like we're at a courting stage again... you know, butterflies in your stomach, holding hands and hugging like there's no tomorrow and of course the rest is history...

thanks for spending time reading today's blog... hope all the fathers out there, including you (if you're one), be showered with blessings from above. a family is not complete without your help.
happy father's day to my dad and to my loving husband, noel!

God speed!


Charisma said...

I love pictures! more pics please =)

Nice and very sweet smile..... Makes you both looking sooo young =)

Charisma said...

oh btw, nice bangs...Now, u and C are really looking alike.... lolz...Wish i can have bangs myself but it will not look good on me.... lol

Lalaine said...

thanks for the comment you left in my page..I cant believe you've got a 15 year old daughter, you both must just look like siblings!

I enjoyed reading your sure had a great father's day celebration.

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