Sunday, June 8

i love "kirby"

last friday was cleaning time for me. i just had to get those nasty stains on my carpet in the family room. thankfully i was off friday. i was really planning on bringing the kids to the river fest in st. charles, but it was just too humid to go!

thankfully, kids will always find a way to have fun. besides watching movies almost half of the day at the media room, they jumped in the trampoline, played xbox and ate like there was no tomorrow. in the mean time, i ran some errands then my sisters helped me get rid of the hard stains while i shampoo the whole thing. i may say that we did an awesome job! my carpet looks new again! thanks to my sis and kirby... mission accomplished!

my whole fam were over at my house yesterday... just chillin' while i reupholster my decorative pillows. i needed to tone them down a bit and make it more contemporary rather than traditional.

while i was already in the mood to do all this... i rearranged my furniture in the family room and incorporated my newly inherited recliner (i bought for my mom while she was sick - she couldn't sleep in her regular bed and so i thought it would be better for her to have a comfortable recliner). when my mom went to be with the Lord, my sis brought the recliner to her house as a memory of my mom... now, it's my turn... this recliner brings back memories and i'm happy it's finally home =)

k, gotta get ready for church... will post some pics later!

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outback-pinay said...

I love Kirby as well. I am planning to buy new one for hubby so we can have one each.. it's worth investing especially I have little one who always love to lay in the carpet :-)

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