Thursday, June 5

God's grace is enough for you and ME!

The Lord has proved to me in many ways that His grace was more than enough to see me through thick and thin. He has opened doors of opportunity for me and I know that God will see me through the new challenges that will come my way. Let’s face it, sometimes we think that God will speak only at certain times and in certain ways in our lives. We think "If God wants to speak to me, He’ll do it during my morning devotional time, or if He wants me to do something for Him, He’ll put it in my heart right when I’m at my best." This thinking would seem to be appropriate for us, but what if God wants to speak through circumstances in the middle of our day? Would you be willing to accept it?

Just like Elijah, he was expecting to hear from God just the way He spoke to Moses, but instead God spoke to Elijah in a still, small voice. Friends, maybe you’re in a situation where you’re running out of excuses as to why God let an unfortunate situation come into your life. Maybe it was something you over estimated and now you’re facing such a difficult situation that is hard to comprehend. Sometimes, our ears are often closed to the many ways God comes into our lives. We expect God to speak at certain times or in certain ways. But see God is not concerned with clocks and calendars. He’s not concerned with your time table, but He calls us to trust in Him, to focus only in Him. God calls us to forget our time markers and develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's nudges, any time, and any place.

Our problem is we tend to believe that nothing is happening if nothing appears to change. But friends, God is always at work. Instead of praying for God to do what you think is best or to remove the stumbling blocks from you life, I pray for God’s grace to enable you to walk among them and to understand that God’s grace is enough for you to keep on… all this, for the glory of God.

Instead of focusing on the circumstance, I suggest for you to surrender the illusion of self-sufficiency and instead rejoice in the gift of God's grace and focus on how big God is!

may you all experience the unconditional love of Christ that is available to us at all times =)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing..I'm going through a financial situation I see no way we'll make it through.I just typed in Your Grace is enough in the address bar and found your sight. God Bless you and pleae pray that I will allow God's gracr to be


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