Monday, June 2

potty training =)

i planned to blog about somethin' else, but i only have a short free time at the moment so i'll make this quick.

although i have 3 kids... sometimes you tend to forget how you dealt with the older ones when they were younger so here i am trying to potty train my lil' one (2yrs old). how did i do it before? um, i have no idea!

although, i have a feeling she'll be easier to train coz she believes everything i say and obeys right away (of course w/ a lil' bit of whining... hehehe). like when i had to get her off of using binky... well, it was when she had the urge to bite the silicone and it almost came out... well, i secretly pulled it out totally and showed her that it's already broken. she was shocked to see it, but was smart enough to know that she can't use it anymore.

so right now, i felt that it's time for her to get out of the diaper world... so i put on her undies and she asked where's her diaper? um, i had say... "there's a spider on your diaper, honey" - well, again she whines a lil' bit, but after a short time, she comes to me and says, "mom, mo-more (as in no more) diaper coz there's a spider." hehehe yikes! am i cruel?

well, so far she's doing great! she set up a blanket for her to lay on and she's just drinking her bottle (another one to get rid off... hehehe) here in my office (home).

now, i gotta get myself ready for accidents... oh goodness!
k, blog again later!

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