Friday, June 20

Questions 3 & 4

i'm so late, but hey better late than nevah!

julie, thanks btw! visit her page @: greenbucks

What were your favorite books as a child, specifically in your elementary school years?

this should be easy... NONE! hahaha i wasn't really into books when i was a child. i think i even hated reading hahaha, but as an adult i've come to appreciate them. if you were to ask me what are my faves now, i would say, "The Bible, Just Walk Across the Room, Parenting is a Heart Work, Purpose Driven Life & my all time favorite... God's Power to Change Your Life".

These books have guided my journey as a child of God and it continues to do so. Thank God for the resources huh?

k, next question please...

What valuable lessons have you learned from your father?

this is a tough one, only because i grew up away from my father. he was here in US working while my mom played the role of both mom & dad in our lives. i was almost a teen when my family migrated to US and even then my relationship with my dad was not at all that great. however, i may say that even if i had some not so good incidents with my dad (he was overwhelmingly strict), i thank the Lord for those experiences for if not for them, i don't think i would be wiser now that i'm a parent myself.

forgiveness played a big role in my life and in the lives of my family. and by the grace of God, i now have a better relationship with my dad. although he has a different family now (no kids with the other party tho), my siblings and i will still be here for him until the end of time.

i would like to add tho, that there is my heavenly Father i would like to boast about. now i've learned and continue to learn great valuable lessons from Him.

i've learned:
- to love others even when they seem to be unlovable
- to look at the big picture instead of being narrow minded
- to be compassionate
- to be sensitive to others
- to decrease myself and increase the Lord
- to appreciate even the small things in life & what others do for me
- to accept and consider it joy even in the midst of trying times
- to be available to others even if i have to go out of my way
- to remove negativity & remain optimistic
- to accept others and pray for their well being
- to have quiet times with the Lord and just listen
- to pray for others
- to glorify the Lord in everything that comes my way

i'm sure there's more to it, but so far this is what i have in mind. hopefully i'm not having short term memory hehehe

well, that's it for now... blessings to all!

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julie said...

I love the lessons you learned from your father.

re relationship you had when you were in teens, that would be understandable because you were adjusting to a new place and living with him, that's why.

Thanks for doing this, Charisma, I am going to do #5 in a while.

Take care.

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