Wednesday, June 4

weekend update

can't sleep again so i thought i'd blog about this past weekend. been keeping myself bc with the kids... since we all have been missing my husband already.

last friday, i took them to oberweis - gotta start the weekend with some good shake and ice cream you know what i mean? hehehe

sat: i took them to an indoor water park... so happy my lil' one is getting used to swimming. see, i'm not a swimmer myself. i drown in a kiddie pool - yeah yeah yeah go ahead and laugh! trust me, i've embarrassed myself too many times that i just gave up learning. it's ok, i like watching my kids enjoy while i chat with friends and family hehehe

it was past lunch time and they were finally hungry so i took them to pizza hut! wow! their new chicken alfredo is not bad at all! when the whole gang was full, we drove an hour to gurnee mills... haven't been there for almost 2yrs now. just got a couple of things for myself and everything else were for the kids. my teen just can't get enough of hollister so we were there for a while... i think she got the shopping disorder from me *wink* thankfully everything she got were on sale... whew!

sun: finally feeling some leg cramps from all the walking at gurnee. went to church with an absolutely great msg of "dying to self and living for Christ"... i'm always in awe with the way bill hybels delivers the Lord's msg with clarity and just straight to the heart. well, after church we bought my daughter's hair formula. she wanted me to dye her hair again (got permission from her dad already). pretty much i was exhausted over the weekend, but always great to spend some quality time with my family. my day won't be complete without it.

i thank God for another wonderful weekend!
gotta hit the bed... i'm gettin' my photo taken for my school id tomorrow. wow! can't believe i'll be back in school after a loooooooong time - pray for me?

nitey nite and God bless you all!

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Lalaine said...

hi there! bloghopping here..seems like you had a great weekend! Yeah, it's nice to keep kids occupied when Hubby is away...wish I could do that too when my hubby is away..but the problem is I don't know how to drive and so we have no choice but to stay home..hehhe!

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