Monday, June 2

weekly question #2

okay, here's #2 question by greenbucks:

Let's say it is possible to have that one chance to be another person for a day,
who would you choose to be and why?

i would have to say, my mom. see, my mom was never a selfish person. she never put herself in a pedestal for her good works even if i believe she deserves to have known that. she never put herself first than anyone. i call her "the proverbs 31 woman" that's why last mother's day, i just had to dedicate the mother's day video i made for the walk2remember mother's day special.

my mom was a woman of faith. her life demonstrated a life lived for Christ. i believe her to be one of God's great followers. even at her death bed, she remained faithful to her Savior, serving others in prayer than worrying about her pain and suffering. the Lord's light was shining through her even at her last breath... now that's the person i want to be... a faithful follower of Christ even in the midst of a storm.

here's a link to the video i made this past mother's day as a tribute to my dearest mom:

so what about you... who inspires you the most?

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julie said...

Those who really do great do not seek recognition for their great deeds. That for me is humility.

Thanks Lovely. Have a great week and till the next one.

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