Saturday, June 14

coming home =)

i'm so excited today... my hubby's coming home! i've been prepping the house so that when he gets home, he knows what he missed.... a nice, cozy, clean and relaxing home sweet home! we were both teasing each other earlier since we haven't seen each other for 3 long wks! ugh! never again... pls! so really we're both anxious to see each other... k, i'm getting butterflies in my stomach! hehehe

if i have yet to mention, i rearranged my furniture in the family room. i reupholstered my decorative pillows and pretty much general cleaned the entire house. the kids are not here right now, well except for my lil' 2yr old, coz my sis took the big kids for a day of fun, fun, and did i say, fun? (swimming, golfing, movies and oberweis) i'm tired, but hey... it's worth having a clean house and having my loved ones yearning to come back.

today's my brother's bday too, but he's closing at work today so can't really celebrate, so we planned a lil' something for him tomorrow along with father's day of course. so, for now HAPPY BIRTHDAY tony! muah! muah! muah!

i'm just blogging real quick before i get ready to pick up mr. miranda. he was scheduled to arrive around 11p, but thankfully he just did a light work early this morning and he's now headed back home... so i guess that's it for now, gotta make sure every thing's just perfect!

blog you later!

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